Monday, May 15, 2006

Whah Joe Thornton izza CANADIAN?!?!!? Him too!?!? Sheesh.

Wow. Who would have thought that most of the San Jose Sharks would feel even more alienated and ridiculed in their own building than at Rexall in Edmonton. Well it happened, and it's pretty g-darn embarassing, but it's not the whole story. The 'Finger is going to actually do some journalism and explain Sharks fans were pissed in the first place, instead of being like every other lame sports writer's article belaboring the obvious, that Sharks fans messed up.

Hockey Night In Canada
After the Sharks bascially gave away game 3 while attempting to play prevent defense for a whole period (Triple OT never sucked so bad) Sharks fans were a little upset at their team. Things were made worse by having to watch douchebag Raffi Torres score the game tying goal two days after his dirty elbow would cause Milan Michalek to miss 2 games . On top of all of this Sharks fans had to watch the game on homer network CBC, with their color commentator yelling "Shoot the Puck!" on an Edmonton power play like some lame ass girlfriend taking an active interest. In short, fans wanted revenge in game 4.

Game 4 --- *sigh*
In game four most Sharks fans probably got home early, bought a couple of hot dogs, thought of nothing Canadian, and drank a six pack of Budweiser with the rally towell on their head before the puck even dropped or the national anthems were sung....okay maybe I just did that. Buzzed or not, anyone who decided to watch game four in it's entirety witnessed what happened during the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner". Chants of "Lets Go Oilers" during most of the beginning of it, followed by boo's until almost the end of it. For the record, what was kinda cool was how everyone in the crowd sang "O Canada". Naturally, I called everyone (three) people I knew watching the game and asked if they could believe this crap. After the Sharks turned a blown lead into blow out (not in their favor), Sharks fans had had enough, they were going to show Canada what they thought of them when they got back to the Tank! And they did, and it was dumb. Damn who knew so many hockey players were Canadian...makes you think how many other professional athletes are Canadian.

Today I found out it was because they were showing Joe Thornton on the Jumbotron during the anthem, which caused fans to lose their composure during the anthem and boo, but so what?!? Who shows the opposing players on a Jumbotron when it is not the "kiss cam"? Someone in Edmonton was being a dick and trying to get fans riled up and it worked on both ends. Sharks fans, none of you could have known this, so I can sort of understand why you booed. What I don't get is there are so many other things for Sharks fans to really boo about. Here's a list I made.

Sharks 1-29 on the powerplay.
That's like...a goal every 29 powerplays.....

The Sharks Not Rocking the Black Jersey
They've just lost 3 in a row if they get back home it's time for a change. Plus those jersey's are just wicked awesome and make everyone look like a B.A.M.F

A lot of playoff tickets are company tickets, and they're given to geeks.
The only time they get loud is when they're talking over the crowd about disk caching.

Una Mas Nachos
What do you mean the beans cannot be removed from the nachos?! OMG, they're not even re-fried!!! Pineapple salsa?!?!I want my money back...puto.
(Ummm Editor's note: None of those guys are me, however, you can tell in the pic that these nachos suck just lookit the guy on the right!)


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