Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Open Letter to David Stern and the NBA

Dear Mr. Stern,

So, Davie, my Blazers are looking alright. In fact, right now, they have a better record than the two teams that met in the Finals a few months ago. It's great I, and other fans, can watch them on National TV.... oh wait...

We can't. You see, Portland is only featured in ONE nationally televised game. And even it is on NBA TV, and not everyone, Sternster, gets NBA TV.

Yep. That's it... Last year, I counted at least two games on ESPN/TNT, and that was the worst year in Blazer history. Even if the Blazers lose all the rest of their games this year, this will be a wholely more successful year than last year. But, really, you shouldn't want to show EVERY NBA teams' games on national TV, I mean, you have waaaay to many teams to do that... like 30 right? That's got to be tough to schedule.

And, it's not like the Blazers have one of the better storylines entering this season. The crazy trade happenings during the draft have all but completely overhauled this team into a collection of young, hungry players (although Zach has left the cheeseburgers in McDonald's this time around). And speaking of Zach, it's not like he's in the mention of MVP this season - he hasn't done ANYTHING so far this year to earn that accolade. He hasn't been mentioned by opposing coaches or opposing superstars (cough, KG) as unstoppable in the post.

And Brandon Roy - he doesn't have any makings of an award year. That and his last name is not coincidentally tied with an award he is on the inside track to win (should his ankle not keep him from competition).

And Ime Udoka, he doesn't have a touching story of his own. He hasn't done the ol' rags to riches tale this year in the face of family anguish. Nor has he been integral in leading Blazers in key moments to seal victories.

Travis Outlaw has not shown (at times) that he is the second coming of Stacey Augmon (in his prime).

Martell hasn't shown great stride in feeling the game and showing a basketball maturity.

Jarrett Jack, the man everyone seems to love to write off as a starting point guard, hasn't shown he can do all the right things leading this team at the point.

Nate hasn't shown he can instill his system in a bunch of young guys and have them play with heart. Especially with those UNREACHABLE players like Zach Randolph - the troublemaker he has been this year - oh boy!

Four and two is not a stand alone respect-maker, but you guys should take notice. The team you so desperately were going to ignore is trying to make you take notice. And right now, they are playing harder and with more heart than some of those teams trying to phone it in right now (eh, Mavericks).

Every year a team comes out of its own shadow to prove itself and everyone else wrong. I'm sure you didn't show many Clipper games last year - weren't bad were they? Maybe last season, you could have thrown in a few more Clipper games? Maybe a few more NOOCH games so that more people could see Chris Paul's amazing rookie year? You might have been able to fill them in for Minnesota's lost season.

What's the big deal with having a little flexibility with the TV schedules? Why are they made in August, or whenever it is waaaaay to early to determine diddly-squat about the upcoming season?

Maybe the NBA ought to pay attention to the Blazers, because can you imagine this lineup in the coming years:
PG - Jarrett Jack / Sergio Rodriguez
SG - Brandon Roy / Martell Webster
SF - Travis Outlaw / Ime Udoka
PF - Zach Randolph
C - LaMarcus Aldridge / Joel Przybilla

That is not going to be a fun team to play against - but they'll sure be fun to watch.


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