Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I feel compelled to bracket the latest Warriors season with two posts; my first was, I still believe, indicative of the general viewpoint of the Warriors fan: attachment married with cynicism and a decently-developed sense of black humor. I would also like to point out that way back when, I mentioned that free throws were our particular bogeyman, a point that is still relevant in the way that the bile still sticks to the back of my throat after Air France failed at the (Maginot) line in Game 2.

That said, I would have to say that the end bracket, this post, finds a far different Warriors fan, despite the booting from the playoffs. Not only because the W's made the playoffs for the first time in forever, not because they pulled off possibly the greatest upset in the history of the league; no, the giddiness comes, or should come, from a realization that THEY AIN'T ALL THAT.

In other words, regardless of the flaws of the current team (free throws, general late-game basketball, lack of low-post scoring), it should be obvious to the players and the fans that the playoffs aren't this hallowed thing that we might have built them up to be, that there are fundamentally crappy teams in this thing and that it's not unrealistic to expect to be there, especially when you've got people on your team who are good at playing basketball.

The "We Believe" campaign, which took a hold deep enough that bootleg shirts and jerseys were being hawked on corners off of freeway off-ramps for miles around The Town itself, was, or should have been, less based on the belief of the Warriors to win in this posteason and more based on the idea that the belief that we are destined for damnation is shattered. I'm not going to say that it's like Lazarus, because we were never dead, just sleeping.

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