Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's About Time

I couldn't let this story pass without comment.

Truly, I had wondered about Phil Jackson. For all his wisdom and insight, how could he be missing what all of us can see plainly? Was it a case of his own intellect clouding his own vision? Was he truly too close to what he was seeing to be able to comprehend the totality of it?

Thankfully, that answer is no.
Jackson has finally come around, gone to the press and said what everybody's been thinking all this time. Especially Shaq.

Perhaps seeing his own coach, his mentor, call him out in the headlines will trigger something inside Kobe, to make him question his ways and to turn a corner, to become the player, to become the man, that we all hope that he could be. What a difference it would make for the Lakers. What a difference it would make for the Association. What a difference it would make for himself!

I mean, just knowing that P-Jax finally called him out for being a whiny little...oh. Oh. Oh wait. Ohhhhhhhh, it says "witch-hunt".

Never mind.

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